Monthly Reflection

Whether our fellow-beings to be protected ?

In the recent past i was writing something very special. That times my pen suddenly become non cooperative .A person standing close to helped me with a pen. The Supreme Being told me you could continues the writing only because yours brother had one pen to spare with.For our goodness, our neighbours should be empowered with goodness, love, purity and spirituality .As man has limitation he may fall down at any moment .To lift him up at that time the men around him should have strength and stamina.We should pray fervently for our neighbours rather than praying for self goals and gains. If we pray for our fellow-beings they will definitely help us in our poorness, pains, predicaments and also in spiritual weakness.

At Jerusalem Retreat Centre , in connection with the birthday celebrations of the Holy Mary ,we celebrate 8 days lent and Kodiyarchana in a big way .Kodyarchana means reciting rosary for 40 days in a day and night without break .This is to bring the blessings of the Almighty to the world especially to the seekers of divine grace and those who are requesting prayers support from at Jerusalem Retreat Centre .The spiritual growth of the individuals and the world at large will be enhanced by the performance of the above Kodiyarchana. On September 8th 2009 ,People from all over the world recited 14 crores Hail Mary during the Kodiyarchana period .The Jerusalem Retreat Centre will turn out to be a prayer sanctuary for the people of the country at first,later for each continent and finally for the entire mankind irrespective of caste creed and colour . It is the Gods desire to call his place of prayer for one and all.

People with mine heart always pray for their own needs and achievements .When the circumstances and the people around us are bad ,we and our children tend to treat on wrong path .If , on the other hand our neighbour and co-habitants are living in goodness and peace naturally .We ourselves and our children will also grow and live in God. During prayer we should never focus on one personal problems and family matter ; rather pray for our neighbours for their betterment and overall progress .

When we bless those who are blessed by God we will also be blessed. When we curse those who are sent or blessed by God we shall also be cursed .Do not be envious of others or do not become unhappy on the achievement and progress of our neighbour .When we acknowledge and bless the abilities and richness, health etc of others ,we will be definitely blessed by Supreme .Being to receive the goodness of God one should have goodness in oneself .

Oh God, your love of fire may burn up my selfishness and cleans me up .For my spiritual growth.

Oh!! God make me a tool to bless my neighbour and pray for their wellness