Friday Prayer

Every Friday fasting payer starts at 8.30 AM and continues up to 3.30 M Fr .Davis Pattath leads the spiritual service. The attendance for the prayer exceeds twenty thousand people on all Fridays. It is the biggest evangelical catholic assembly in India. Holy Mass, Preaching, Adoration, Testimonies, Witnesses, Blessing of the Cross, Special prayer for the physically sick people and students. Those who have attended the Friday prayer make it a habit and try to participate on all Fridays. This was the first prayer service started in Jerusalem Retreat centre.

Inner Healing Retreat

Retreat and prayers commence in second Monday every month and continues till Friday evening. Intercessory prayer group pray for the retreat ants. Bible based, preaching, teaching and faith healing services for the sick, free praise and worship, confession, spiritual counselling, Holy Mass, Adoration of Holy Eucharist are the main spiritual programs. The retreat centre aims at orientation towards word of God ,Holy Sacraments and commitments to the teaching of the Holy catholic church for establishing the kingdom of God.

Tamil Retreat

Residential retreat in Tamil started in October 2006.Brother selvnatham, Dharmapury is the leader of Tamil retreat team. Br. Santhosh P I and Br. Rajan C A co-ordinates the Tamil retreat program. All the fathers of the centre give spiritual message in the retreat and participate in the anointing prayers. Tamil retreat starts on 3 rd Monday of every month and close on Friday evening. Special arrangement has been made for transportation people from Trichur railway station to the centre.

Night Vigil & Blessing of Vehicles

Every friday before second Saturday of the month from 7 p.m to 8.p.m over 30,000people gather renouncing sleep to intercede for the whole world, to pour out like flowing water their groans and prayers. After the holy Mass and the proclamation of the world, the Bless of the Vehicles taken place at the end of the Blessed Sacrament rally. Then the priests blessing and send of over 5000 vehicles parked in the large compound of Jerusalem .